Sunday, January 16, 2011

Presidential Ink

Every post I had made thus far and probably every post I will make after this is substantiated information. All of the stories have appeared in books or magazines and have been written by real historians. This post is different. I stumbled upon the notion of Presidents with tattoos last August when searching for Presidents with doctorates (only Wilson, former President of Princeton-- a story for another time). So I make this post not to share facts rather to further speculation. Any inside knowledge you have that could prove these claims one way or the other is welcomed.

We've had a lot of tough guy Presidents, but who was tough enough to have a tattoo? Here's the list of who's been rumored to have a little ink under the suit.

-14th President Franklin Pierce owns the most famous rumor. Word on the net is that he had two full sleeves of mythological figures fighting, however, the craftsmanship was so poor that he never showed them off
-How about Ike? Very few Presidents could claim to be tougher than Dwight Eisenhower. Rumor has it, Ike had the Ace of Spades tattooed on his hindquarters.
-It is rumored that both Roosevelts had their family crest on an undisclosed location.
-One website claims 35 of the 43 have/had tattoos.

Is any of this important? No. It is kind of interesting as tattoos have almost become a right of passage for today's young people. I would bet more and more future Presidents will be sporting some art. Who knows? Maybe one day Obama will take off his shirt revealing Veritas wrapped in crimson ivy.

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  1. I heard that Jackson had a tattoo of a tomahawk on his leg, so that he'd never be unarmed. But again. It's only a rumor.